He’arat Shulayim 1:2

How am I going to organize this blog?

All of this is a work in progress – I am still figuring out how I want to do this project and how it will unfold. When I began drafting a few posts, I realized I needed some kind of system to keep it all organized. I liked the way the Torah portions are organized within its five books, and kind of went from there. I talked to my mom and one of my friends who has some experience with studying religious texts. We did some research on different Hebrew words until we figured out the ones that fit the organizational system I had decided to follow (explained below).

I will say this might be subject to change, but I’m looking forward to trying these methods out and see where they take me. For now, once I get a few more posts out of the way and play around with this system, I’ll make a page for each of these categories so that they will be easily accessible.

Regular posts:

Once a week, I’m planning to write something regarding the parashat hashavuah [which I will start doing once my finals are over and I’m back at home]. My goal is to the read the parasha and a variety of commentary about it before writing my thoughts, feelings, understandings, etc. in my journal. On this blog, the post of that week will be based on the journal entry that I write. The title of the entry will be the normal way of categorizing parashot: name of the parasha, name of the book it is in, chapter:verse.

Other posts [which will also be under the name, chapter:verse system]:

He’arat Shulayim (הערת שוליים)

This Hebrew phrase means Footnotes/Sidenotes. These posts, like this one, are for me to explain my thought process and where I am in the project.  I’ll use the posts to share things that I think are important to know and points of clarification.

Hirhurim (הרהורים)

This Hebrew word means Musings. I want to use these posts to share thoughts that I have, random ideas, reflections on past posts, and possible realizations or epiphanies. This category is one that I like in theory but I’m not sure it will work out unless I make concrete goals for myself so I might try and do a monthly reflection or something of that nature.

Tosefot (תוספת)

This Hebrew word means Additions/Extensions. Here I’ll post extras like poems, quotes, articles and stuff like that which I find relevant but maybe not so related to my other posts. I’ll probably write a little about why I chose to include the specific text and where I got it.


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