Tosefot, Hachsarot 1:2

This post in a tosefet (an addition) to my Naso post. Funnily enough, it’s about a subtraction (hachsarot החסרות): cutting my hair! Since the parasha was so helpful in solidifying my resolve in getting my haircut, I thought it might be nice to share the transformation on this blog. So here is the before and after picture (taken 6 days […]

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Bamidbar/Numbers, Naso 4:21 – 7:89

For Naso, I chose to only read two things: the JPS translation (p287-300) of the text and The Torah: A Women’s Commentary (p815-842). I considered reading the Torah Queeries commentary or discussion but decided that I wanted to try to start posting these more on schedule and closer to Saturday – obviously posting on […]

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Bamidbar/Numbers, Bamidbar 1:1 – 4:20

For the parashat hashavuah, I read a variety of commentaries on Bamidbar and had some interesting conversations regarding the content of them. The commentary that I read were as: the JPS translation (p.272-287) Jewish Study Bible (p.284-291) Torah Queeries commentary from 2010 on (because I did not have the physical book with me at the […]

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Tosefot 1:1

7. To be a Jew in the twentieth century Is to be offered a gift.   If you refuse, Wishing to be invisible, you choose Death of the spirit, the stone insanity. Accepting, take full life.  Full agonies: Your evening deep in the labyrinthine blood Of those who resist, fail, and resist; and God Reduced […]

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He’arat Shulayim 1:3

What have I been doing to prepare for this project? In my first post, I said that I would explain how I have been preparing for my project and talk about the books/supplied that I have gotten*. So here is that post!: In my about page, I list the books that I have decided to consult. Below, I […]

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He’arat Shulayim 1:2

How am I going to organize this blog? All of this is a work in progress – I am still figuring out how I want to do this project and how it will unfold. When I began drafting a few posts, I realized I needed some kind of system to keep it all organized. I […]

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He’arat Shulayim 1:1

This blog is a project. In my about page, I explain a bit about what that project is. It’s something that I’m hoping to develop over time and track through this blog. I’ve already started so I’m going to catch up on my process through this post and I think that will also provide a bit […]

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